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Consistency Over Passion (3)

Consistency Over Passion

Passion. It’s one of those elusive, somewhat undefinable words that is regularly used in the form of advice, articles, and “key to success” speeches. People tell us to find our passion, and how that will lead to successful careers. People tell us to use passion as our motivator every day, driving us to be hyper productive, energetic, and unfailing. People… Read more →

The Freedom of Structure

The freedom of structure. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Those two don’t belong in the same sentence, or so I used to think. But over the past several years of managing sales teams and sales pipelines, starting companies, and studying personal growth, I’ve realized there truly is nothing more freeing than structure. Here’s why. When we think of the term… Read more →

The Impact Quotient

I think about time a lot. How much time we have in our lives. What to do with the time we do have. What do I consider a waste of time. What do I not consider a waste of time. The list goes on. Time, after all, is the one fixed variable in our life that we can’t control. There’s… Read more →

What is Your Ikigai?

Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being“ I first came across this term when researching the Blue Zones of the world. If you’re not familiar with Blue Zones, they are 5 distinct areas and communities around the world where people live the longest. These areas are vastly different from each other, but have commonalities in their foundations… Read more →

A Short Story About A Long Lesson

As he stood there pondering his future, wondering what lay ahead, he took off for the water, dove in and started swimming. Though just a young man with his entire life ahead of him, he had heard about a magical beach miles upon miles into the ocean and was determined to get there. The beach was full of sunshine, relaxation,… Read more →

The 1 Relationship Trait That Changes Everything

Emily and I have been married for just over 5 years, and we dated for 5 years prior to that. That’s a decade of trying to figure out how this whole relationship thing works. Like any couple, we’ve had good stretches and bad stretches. Ups & downs, and thankfully more of the former than the latter. But with everything we’ve been… Read more →

The Power of Intention

Take yourself back to high school for a minute. Imagine a scrawny sophomore named Timmy. Timmy is 5 foot 5” on a cowboy boots kind of day, and 145 pounds sopping wet. Timmy is a nice enough guy, but for the most part he goes unnoticed. He’s one of the many high school students that don’t stand out in the… Read more →


All 7+ billion people on this planet have beliefs. We have political beliefs. We have religious beliefs. We have social beliefs. Beliefs, both big and small, and we all have them. Beliefs are a good thing for the most part. They give us a sense of belonging, a compass of guidance & something to lean on. But beliefs are also… Read more →

Filling the Glass

Put a glass in front of you. Fill that glass with muddy or murky water. Look through the glass and try to see through to the other side. You can’t. There is simply too much stuff in the way to do it. The glass is our mind. The water is our thoughts. The murkiness is any negativity that we let… Read more →

Bounce Not Break

From the time we first bang our toddler noggins into a piece of furniture we realize that the world can drop us on our head sometimes. We don’t know it at the time, but we’re learning the early and minor versions of “the world is not all sunshine & rainbows”. As we grow older the drops on our head get… Read more →