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It’s a great day to be (more) human.

Some of us will watch news that elates us.

Some of us will watch news that makes us cringe.

Some of us will post our thoughts for the world to read.

All of us will read others’ thoughts throughout the day.

Through those thoughts being processed, those thoughts being posted, and those posts being read, there is an unspoken opportunity. It’s an opportunity that we’re presented with each and every day, but rarely is it so polarizing to capitalize on. The opportunity is simple, though not necessarily easy.

We have an opportunity to be more human.

For those that celebrate victory, know that there are countless others who are wrestling with defeat.

For those that suffer defeat, let the suffering be temporary and move toward re-uniting a people that have been divided.

No social media post will sway someone’s opinion. No rant will echo with others. No insult need be repaid with insult.

At the end of the day, none of us really know what we’re doing. We’re absorbing information, and making decisions based upon our own experiences, beliefs, and agenda. None of these are wrong. Outside of the sliver of humanity that truly is hateful, the majority of us just want ourselves and others to live happily.

That happiness doesn’t begin with winning an election or an argument.

It begins with understanding that we’re all equally flawed, we all have our reasons, and we’re all just trying to figure it out.

On a day where it will be very easy to remove the human from humanity, we have an opportunity to recognize the commonality we all share – the commonality of the human condition.

To a more human future,

Adam Griffin

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