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39 Thoughts

    1. This story bring me to tears this morning as my husband and I lost our little Geoffrey at 20 weeks in November 14, 2013 due to my water breaking early and a severe infection. He was born pre mature and I along with my husband held him for hours and hours in the hospital over night dreading letting him go. He was absolutely perfect and looked so peaceful it seemed as if he would wake up at any moment to meet the world he would live in.

      Wee too had such loving support from all around and that has helped us tremendously. But there are days, days that are the saddest you could ever feel. But then there are days where you are joyful and thankful for our lives on the earth. These are the days that I focus on and we have hope. My thought are with your family ans sweet baby Cade.

  1. My love and prayers go to you with the death of your son Cade. You are both wonderful parents and clearly shared that with him . To experience all of parenting in such a small amount of time is so hard, but also a privilege. My thoughts are with both of you. Margaret Otto

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you… You all touched my heart.. I am 5 months pregnant and just sat here and cried for you… You are all very strong and know he’s all around you all… What a beautiful family you have;) God bless you…

  3. So sorry for your loss. I wish I could say it gets easier but for me as the grandmother of a sweet little angel that blessed the earth for only 4 hours due to the lack if lung developement because of lack of fluid ( come to find out he didn’t have kidneys) it only seems to get harder everyday. The only thing we can do is keep their precious memories alive and try to help others during their tough journey. May God Bless you and your family.

  4. So sorry for your unbelievable loss. I have learned this year as never before that life is not fair. I am so so sorry that sweet Cade was born with this condition, and sorry for the suffering he endured but he is lucky to have been loved by you all and your family and I believe he has helped to make this world a better place by reminding of us if what truly matters…

  5. “We will choose to be grateful, not angry.
    We will choose to be hopeful, not hopeless.
    We will choose to ask “What’s next”, not “Why us”.
    We will choose to be thankful that we had to endure this, and not someone else.
    We will choose to remember Cade with fondness, not sadness.”

    Very touching and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your experience no matter how sad and devastating it is. Yes, choose to be hopeful!

  6. Adam, Thank you for your strength and caring in talking care of my precious daughter Emily and precious grandson Cade! Janon and I will cherish the time that we got to hold Cade and tell him that we loved him. Cade has caused many people to stop and pray to the God of the universe and I am thankful to him for that and so blessed to have had him as a grandson. Your words carry POWER, INSIGHT and WISDOM and I am proud YOU for being the man that you are! Granddad Jim

  7. Adam and Emily: I do not know you but we have a mutual FB friend that commented on this making it appear on my page. My husband and I’s baby girl Tabith Paige Demel was born on January 15th and passed away suddenly on January 23rd. I want you to know that you are are not alone. If either one of you would like to talk to someone (now or a year from now – no pressure) that can say something other than, “I can’t imagine what you’re going through.”, I would love for you to contact me. Much love to you, your families, your friends and especially Baby Cade. My prayers are added to yours.

  8. Adam & Emily: This brought a puddle of tears to my lap. I cried because of your loss, but also because of your strength. It amazes me that you’ve CHOSEN to look at the good & not the bad, and for that I am humbled and inspired to think of the good in my own life. Thank you for being a model for love.

    May your memories of Cade stay strong & your wounds heal. Hugs & love coming your way from the Wennogle household!

  9. This blog has so inspired me. Our Alex was also premature however he made it 41 months on earth. 41 months or 32 hours all are Gods children and precious in his sight. Cade has left a legacy that will live on forever. Keep his memory and legacy in your heart and share it with others who are hurting!
    Alex always said Taa Daaa
    Keep your strong faith.
    best place to buy generic Dilantin online

  10. The world is here for you. Your angel Cade in Heaven will always be there in the most unsuspecting places, the breeze of wind you feel, the sun on your face, the butterfly that appears out of no where, the gentle rain or snow that falls. Take your time and do whatever you need to do to heal, jump scream shout laugh whatever.. Celebrate the special days in your way. Take care and may the Lord wrap his loving arms around you always and may you feel His and Cades presence in the days to come. Terry & Kim Tvrdy

  11. Adam and Emily,
    Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. I wish there was some way to take away the unimaginable pain you must be experiencing. From the very beginning of this journey it was clear what truly loving and beautiful parents and souls you are. I’m so proud and inspired by every courageous step you’ve taken on this long path and know your big beautiful hearts must be shattered. I think of and pray for you both and Cade everyday. Thank you for sharing your story of your amazing little Angel, your pain, and your inspiration. I am sending you all my heart felt love.

    You are loved.


  12. Bless ya ll forshareing ur. miraclewith the world and ur awesome outlook on life faith and parenting. I was a young mom who now has a very headstrong teenage girl and one thatis 7 yrs.younger. My husband and i have some very rough days we lost all three great grand and grandpas within a year. The sun arose and set with the men S far as my girls were concerned. I pray for u both loss a difficult thing .May god put stars in your crown for such wise and comforting words and . letting other wittness it to comfort them. That is one of the most unselfish acts of a human I have seen and heard in a verylong time. your children will be blesses to have u as parents. Enjoy,rememberand cherish every precious moments with them,because their might be a day come when they wont always love u . But u will love them for eternity. bless u and will be in our prayers.

  13. And Jesus said, “Bring the little children unto me.” Precious, little, lamb of God, sent to earth to teach us lessons of love and learn how one family’s faith in God, will not let them falter. There will be bad days, there will be great days, but all days will be filled with Cade’s spirit. Beautiful and very emotional story to read. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you and may God continue to give you both comfort in the months ahead.

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