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Category: Habits

The Freedom Of Structure

THE FREEDOM OF STRUCTURE The freedom of structure. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Those two don’t belong in the same sentence, or so I used to think. But over the past several years of managing sales teams and sales pipelines, starting companies, and studying personal growth, I’ve realized there truly is nothing more freeing than structure. Here’s why. When we think of the term “freedom” what do we think of? Lying on a beach? Being…

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Filling The Glass

FILLING THE GLASS Put a glass in front of you. Fill that glass with muddy or murky water. Look through the glass and try to see through to the other side. You can’t. There is simply too much stuff in the way to do it. The glass is our mind. The water is our thoughts. The murkiness is any negativity that we let seep in. By controlling the way we react or think about things,…

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