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Category: Habits

Playing the Long Game

Every generation for all of recent history has faced various forces in their work life – the speed of innovation and change, politics both internal and external, macroeconomic¬†factors, etc. Each generation has faced different circumstances requiring different skill sets to thrive within them. But there is a single skill, or rather two separate skills packaged as one, that has a common thread throughout history. It helped people just as much in 1932 as it helps…

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How to Remember What You Read

Last year I read 55 non-fiction books.¬†That’s more than a book per week for an entire year. But what does that even mean for me as a learner? Was it information that I applied to my life? Was it information that I absorbed and can later recall? Did those 55 books stick, and somehow move the needle in my life? Some, yes. Others, no. But they all, in theory at least, held some wisdom that…

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