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Category: Habits

2015: Rose Thorn Bud

2015: ROSE THORN BUD It is officially that time of year again. The time to reflect on the previous year in anticipation of improving upon it. Not improving in the sense of being ungrateful for our last 12 months, but improving the way an athlete or an artist would improve each year – focusing on the good and getting better at the not so good. I call it “watching the game film” and I love to…

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How We Do Anything Is How We Do Everything

HOW WE DO ANYTHING IS HOW WE DO EVERYTHING I was on a flight not that long ago and witnessed something that got me thinking. We had landed and started to deplane from front to back. Row by row each aisle began to move to the center, grab their bag, and exit the plane. Par for the course. We were near the back of the plane and I was in the window seat, so I…

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