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Category: Habits

On Defining Ourselves

ON DEFINING OURSELVES There is a subtle bad habit in life that can be the difference in happiness and sadness, contentedness and discontent, joy and sorrow. This subtle habit, like most habits, is so small that it largely goes unnoticed in our day to day lives. Yet the awareness and action to change the habit can dramatically improve the way we view ourselves, our lives, and our futures. What is it? It’s the bad habit…

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On Satisfaction

ON SATISFACTION The origin of a word can many times give us valuable insight into lost meaning. Over centuries of translations and mutations, many words become softened and blurred in order to better fit a language or context. Accompanying that softened or expanded definition is the loss of a lesson that was tied to the original highly intentional creation of the word. The word “satisfaction” is a great example of this. “Satis”¬† ¬†Latin origin meaning…

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