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Category: Mindset

Four Letters

FOUR LETTERS We’ve been here before. The calendar reads January 1, and we’ve resolved to create a new “me” over the next year. That “me” might be healthier, or skinnier, or wealthier, or “insertyourowngoal-ier”. Whatever that new me is, we know it’s better than the one currently in the mirror. Yet, what happens to those goals over the year? Do we focus on them daily after January has come and gone? Do we reflect back in…

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Three-Foot World

THREE FOOT-WORLD Imagine you’re scaling a several hundred foot vertical face in the desert overlooking Las Vegas. You’re new to climbing, and as your palms sweat and heart races, all you can think about is how long of a fall down it would be. You’re frozen with fear. Then out of nowhere your scraggly hippy instructor free climbs up to you, looks you in the face, and says “Focus on your three-foot world. Focus on…

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