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Category: Mindset

Fear as a Signal

Fear can be a perplexing state. It can render us powerless. It can propel us to act. It can freeze us. It can motivate us. It’s a state that we all face on a regular basis, yet it‘s also one of the most misunderstood. The roots of fear come from our innate desire to survive. We have the ability to fear because it keeps us from danger, and in turn, allows us to live for another…

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A New Lens on Gratitude

Every 365 days, right around the second or third week of November, gratitude becomes the thing that’s on many people’s minds in the United States. The reflection period of the holidays starts to kick in, and we humans begin our annual practice of stating both internally and externally what we’re grateful for – a brief few days or weeks of intentional focus on family, friends, and the things that we cherish. Fast forward to the…

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