Filling The Glass


Put a glass in front of you. Fill that glass with muddy or murky water. Look through the glass and try to see through to the other side. You can’t. There is simply too much stuff in the way to do it. The glass is our mind. The water is our thoughts. The murkiness is any negativity that we let seep in.

By controlling the way we react or think about things, we have the ability to create positivity where there easily could have been negativity.

Your flight is delayed 3 hours. Perfect. 3 extra hours to catch up on a project or prepare for a big meeting.
You sprain your ankle and have to be on crutches for several weeks. What a blessing that we have 2 ankles to sprain, 2 legs to walk on, and a beautiful world to explore with them.
Your significant other snaps at you after a long day. You have an opportunity to practice forgiveness and grace in your relationship, which could be exactly what the other person needs.
We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we respond to it. When we begin to approach life with positive reactions instead of negative ones, we slowly begin to pour clear water in the glass. As the glass begins to fill and eventually overflow, the murky water has no choice but to be pushed out by the clear water. Then, and only then, are we able to to see clearly to the other side.

Published by Adam Griffin

Adam is an entrepreneur & writer. He is the former founder of Bodeefit, and is the author of Redwood: A Guide to Leading a Remarkable Life. He lives in Denver, CO with his wife and kids.

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