On Abundance. Part 2.


*This is a 2-part post on abundance. This week’s post is on how our limiting beliefs affect our ability to capture abundance. Last week’s post was on the capacity of abundance to expand. You can read that post here.

Here’s a statistic that will not surprise you:

The National Endowment for Financial Education estimates that 70% of people who suddenly receive a large sum of money will lose it within a few years.

Most people that read that will think something along the lines of “The type of people that buy lottery tickets aren’t intelligent enough to hold onto it.” But that’s not really true if we think about it, is it? I grew up in an upper-middle class part of the world, and knew plenty of people that bought lottery tickets. They weren’t exactly staking their future in them, but they bought them nonetheless. And surely some of these same types of people are the ones that end up losing all of their money as well, no? So what gives? How can otherwise intelligent people all over the world wind up with a bunch of money, whether that be from the lottery or an inheritance or selling a company or anything else, just to end up back where they started or worse?

I think the underlying factor, regardless of the individual’s intelligence or intentions, is simpler than we might think.

It’s a limiting belief about one’s worth.

Let me give you a made up scenario. Let’s say you’re a middle class worker who has $50,000 in savings, and your goal in your head has always been to hit that 6-figure mark in savings – $100,000. Let’s then pretend you wind up with a couple million bucks in your bank account unexpectedly. Here’s the reality of the world you’ve built in your head:

Your comfort level and worth has been set at $100,000 for years, and thus, that’s all your thoughts, intentions, and ambitions have been in alignment with. When all of the sudden you’re living outside of the world you’ve built in your head,  you will spend happily until you get back down to your comfort level of $100,000 or even let yourself slip back down to $50,000 or below. Why? Because your abundance has been limited in your own head, and the world and your own subconscious brain will continually work to get you back to the abundance you believe you’re worth.

To put it another way, let’s instead pretend that your own abundance of wealth, your own worth in your head, has always been set at $10,000,000. You believe that’s a great stretch goal to help you impact the world, give back, travel, leave an impactful sum for generations after you, and otherwise live comfortably. Let’s then pretend again that you wind up with a couple million bucks unexpectedly in your bank account. How will you react then? Well, you still haven’t reached the abundance that you believe your worth, so you will of course invest that money and try to turn it into the $10,000,000 mark that you’ve set in your conscious and subconscious brain. And the world and your subconscious brain will do everything in their power to get you there.

If you believe you are not worth very much, the stars will align to make it so.

The guy in the first story isn’t necessarily less intelligent than the guy in the second story. They simply have different beliefs about their own abundance. This isn’t just true for wealth. It’s true for health, relationships, happiness, anything. The girl that thinks she’s worthless because she grew up in an abusive home will continue to attract worthless people and relationships into her life. The guy that was made fun of his entire childhood for being fat will believe that his abundance of health (or lack thereof) has a ceiling of being the fat guy the rest of his life.

You become what you genuinely believe you will become.

Your beliefs around the abundance in your own life will dictate what the next months, years, and decades look like for you. So ask yourself the right questions:

Can I get rid of the limiting belief about my own financial worth?
Can I ditch the limiting belief about my past failures in relationships?
Can I delete the crippling limiting belief that I will always be the fat kid?

Your responses to those questions aren’t just methods of wishful thinking. They’re your path to abundance. They’re my path to abundance. And they’re the starting point for reaching goals we have maybe never even dreamed of before. What better day to start dreaming our abundance into reality than today?

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Adam is an entrepreneur & writer. He is the former founder of Bodeefit, and is the author of Redwood: A Guide to Leading a Remarkable Life. He lives in Denver, CO with his wife and kids.

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