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The Curse Of Busy And The Freedom Of Focus

THE CURSE OF BUSY AND THE FREEDOM OF FOCUS “I am so busy.” Possibly the most uttered four words of the 21st century. It’s a compounding result of more time spent in the office, less time spent on recreation, and constant connection to our digital lives. No matter the person, the title, or the career everyone seems to be busier than ever, and most of us wear it as a badge of honor. But why?…

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How To Start Anything

HOW TO START ANYTHING If I could boil successful people down to two principles it would be these: The ability to make a plan. The ability to act on that plan. That’s it. Seems so simple, right? That’s the thing. It is that simple. It’s the “secret” that 99% of successful individuals understand, and it’s hiding in plain sight for the rest of us. How did Charles Dickens write his best work while maintaining a…

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