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Stress, Happiness, And the Man in the Mirror

STRESS, HAPPINESS, AND THE MAN IN THE MIRROR Imagine you’re walking down the street, minding your business, enjoying the day. Out of nowhere some over-drugged, under-slept, homeless man comes up to you and starts rambling on about how worthless you are. He calls you some names, he insults your family whom he’s never met, and he makes sure you know that you’re an as*hole. If you’ve ever lived in a city with a significant homeless…

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Being Unrealistic

BEING UNREALISTIC Do you know that everything you’ve ever accomplished in your life was at one point unrealistic? Think about it. The position you’re at in your career would have been totally unrealistic when you had no idea what to do with your life in high school or college. If you’re happily settled down and married (maybe even with kids!), this would have been totally unrealistic to think it could bring you joy back when…

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