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What Is Your Craft?

WHAT IS YOUR CRAFT? I hate the word “job”. Okay, that’s not fair. I think there’s “better options” for us to use than the word job. Why? Because job has baggage attached to it. It could be good baggage or bad baggage, and that is likely determined by the emotions and beliefs we have attached to jobs in the past. We have the baggage of our own experience with working. We have the baggage of…

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Friction As A Compass

FRICTION AS A COMPASS Friction is everywhere in our lives. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. For instance, if a lack of communication in a relationship is creating friction, this is obviously the bad kind. But if you’re a leader at a company and implement changes that create friction with employees in the short term, but you know it’s the best for the company in the long run, this is…

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