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Hi there! My name’s Adam. I’m glad you’re here.

That’s me, founder of BTY, husband to Emily, and daddy to Jordy, Berkley, and Cade.

BTY is about creating your best self.

It’s about crafting a mindset and habits that results in effortless joy.

It’s about giving our body the health and vitality it was designed for.

It’s about creating the habits that make being our best selves possible.

And maybe more than anything, to paraphrase Stoic philosopher Epictetus, it’s about finding freedom through the mastery of ourselves.

But before we go too deep into that, let me tell you how I got to this point…

I’ve learned the art and application of BTY through both triumph and tragedy. I’ll start with the triumph…

Several years ago I was the founder and CEO of Bodeefit, a fitness community reaching over 500,000 people across 30+ countries. Through that company I taught people that health and fitness could be:

  • simple
  • accessible
  • and achievable

One of the great disservices of human progress has been complicating what it takes to lead a life of vitality, free of disease and pain.

To get back to that vitality, we need to rewind the clock on the foods we eat and the movement we incorporate into our lives.

The wisdom that started with Bodeefit lives on today through this site, BTY.

Now onto the tragedy…

In March of 2014 Bodeefit was having it’s best month to-date, both in reach and in revenue, when life handed me what proved to be the most difficult period of my life.

My first born son, Cade, entered this world on March 13th and passed away just two days later from a rare genetic condition we didn’t know he had until he was born. Life. Flipped. Upside. Down.

Though the healing process of losing a child is long, painful, and arguably never ending, there has been a specific mindset and philosophy that has helped me navigate the most difficult period of my life.

It’s the principles and practices found in the ancient words of Stoic philosophers, and they didn’t just help me process my loss, but somehow helped me to come out better on the other side.

This story leads me here, today, writing to you about the two things that I believe are the keys to creating our best selves – our mind, our body, and the habits woven throughout them both.

So what is the basic framework to know about BTY?


Control what you can. Forget the rest.

Kill the ego.

Be grateful now.

Seek virtue, not things.


Walk daily as much as you can.

Workout with heavy objects, sprints, and your own body weight a few times per week.

Eat things that could be hunted or gathered in the wild.

Fast regularly.

By mastering the mind and body through the framework above, leading a joyful, fulfilling, and healthy life becomes (almost) effortless.

And you don’t just have to take my word for it. The principles you read about on BTY have been tested and approved by millions of people for thousands of years.

As Harry Truman said,

There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.

BTY is nothing new.

It just reminds us of the things that have helped people survive and thrive for all of human history.

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Thank you for reading,


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