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Hello old friend. It's been a bit.

Whether you've been a subscriber for 5 years or 5 minutes, you likely know that this space and these emails are about creating the best version of ourselves, through practical and actionable commitments.

That isn't changing.

But what has changed is my own focus.

Writing and coaching have always played second fiddle to my career as a technology sales leader. Two published books, countless personal development emails, and hundreds of hours of formal and informal coaching all took place outside of my work life.

That ended when I left my previous role as a Global VP of Sales in July.

The decision and change wasn't an easy one, and it's been several months since then of finding my own footing outside of the world that I've known and loved for the past 13 years. And what's been bubbling underneath that entire time is an unshakable desire to turn my writing and coaching into my full-time mission.

That's where Forward comes into the picture.

Forward is my new coaching platform, and I'm grateful you're a part of it. There's 2 components to Forward, one of which you're reading right now:
  1. A free weekly email, with the coaching and personal development insights that you've (hopefully) come to know and love. Today is Wednesday, but moving forward you'll receive these emails on Monday mornings.
  2. A 90 day high performance coaching program that I'm actively building and taking people through as we speak.
All of which brings me to today's subject - having a bias towards action.

I mentioned above that it's been a rough several months since I left my career to focus on myself and my vision for what I want out of my life moving forward. Depression, anxiety, and fear made sure they were heard loud and clear in that transition. And while I'm still working through those, I'm in a markedly better head space than I was in July and for most of the past year.

The thing that's helped the most?

Taking action.

I got a therapist. I started daily meditation. I started daily breath work. And I started addressing the things that were holding me back.

In short, I put a system in place to ensure that my actions were greater than my emotions. And it has worked, and continues to work in my life.

In those moments, I did not want to talk to a therapist. In those moments, I did not want to wake up early and practice my breath work or meditation. In those moments, I did not want to tie my shoes and sit down on the rower. In those moments, I did not want to do anything more than sulk in my own quiet desperation.

But I chose to act, using the tiniest amount of willpower that I had left in my veins.

Small actions, taken consistently, provide more leverage in our lives than we can fathom. And it starts with a bias towards taking them. Putting on the shoes, walking around the block, taking a single focused breath of awareness, making the bed, tidying the room. All small actions that build on themselves, providing momentum in our lives where we previously had none.

Wherever you are in your life, there is likely a gap between who you are and who you want to become. That gap is riddled with small actions. They just require your own bias towards taking them.

I'm so glad you're here. And I'm so glad to be sending this to you, a small reward for my own bias towards action.

-Adam Griffin
Forward High Performance Coaching
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