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A couple weeks ago, we talked about the importance of clarity. When we're stuck or frustrated, or feeling like we simply aren't at our best in a particular area, clarity is always the place to start. Getting crystal clear on what we're trying to accomplish is often what makes it easier to spotlight why we're feeling stuck and frustrated.

But clarity has an equally important counterpart...commitment.

Where clarity is a noun, commit is a verb. Put another way, clarity is the thing we need to have, and commitment is the thing we need to do. Gaining clarity takes a fuzzy target and makes it clear, while commitment takes that clear target and says now what.

Clarity and commitment are the two most powerful forces when it comes to creating our best selves. This is why I end each High Performance Coaching session with "The Work" - the things we're committed to doing or changing moving forward. And it's why I have my clients track The Work every single day in their Forward Planner.

Commitment is what brings about rapid change in our lives because we are literally becoming a new version of ourselves through the simple act of being.

Clarity is what made me realize I need to take my mental health seriously. Commitment is what led me to daily breath work and meditation. Clarity is what made me realize that helping others create their best selves is my life's work. Commitment is what led me to build a business around that work.

Clarity is the north star. Commitment is the first step. And second. And third.

Clarify the what. Commit to what's next.

Have an amazing week my friend.

-Adam Griffin
Certified High Performance Coach™
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