Author: Adam Griffin

The Disproportionate Advantage of the First Step

Two steps are easy. One step is hard. The first step requires effort while what follows flows from inertia. By taking the first step in any endeavor we give ourselves a disproportionate advantage for every step thereafter. The tracks have been laid and keeping the tracks going is much easier than getting them started. All […]

Fear as a Signal

Fear can be a perplexing state. It can render us powerless. It can propel us to act. It can freeze us. It can motivate us. It’s a state that we all face on a regular basis, yet it‘s also one of the most misunderstood. The roots of fear come from our innate desire to survive. […]

My Best Reads of 2016

Hello and happy new year! I’ve always been a reader, but 2016 was the year I committed reading to habit. It went from a passive activity to an active part of my daily routine. It became my nightcap while laying in bed, and my break activity throughout the day. In total, I read 55 nonfiction […]