Life doesn’t make sense.

At least not at the time we’re living it. The majority of our days are spent working on this thing or that thing, this project or that project, dreaming this dream or that dream. And when we’re living it day to day oftentimes we can’t figure out if, or how, any of it connects. Many of our decisions are built upon an unspoken intuition that tells us “I think this is what I’m supposed to be doing.” Yet when we’re going through the motions of life we have no idea if  that intuition is correct or not.

But what if when this happens we’re simply looking at it wrong?

Connecting the dots of our life is not about leading and living a cohesive narrative. While some people certainly do follow a specific and predictable path, that’s not how most of our stories read. Instead they zig and zag more often than they stay on the straight and narrow, and it’s our jobs as the authors of our lives to connect the dots as we go. Our experiences shape us into new versions of ourselves, and these new versions wouldn’t have been possible without the previous experiences we have had.

A very simple example would be our work. If we ever have a job or a boss that we dislike, that job is not in vain if we allow it to nudge us closer to work that we’re made to do. But it’s on us to connect that dot and make sense of that experience. We have the ability to pull the positive from it if we choose. The same goes for relationships. We’ve all likely had a painful relationship in the past. Through that pain there are lessons to be learned, either about the person we are or about the person we want to be with in the future. If we view our experiences through the lens of connecting the dots, then we take those lessons and apply them to having a better and more fulfilling relationship in the future. But again the actual connecting of the dots is on us.

I said life doesn’t make sense. But that’s only true if we expect it to make sense of itself. By connecting the dots as we go, we take that task onto our plate and make sense of it ourselves.

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