Everyone Is A Genius


Imagine a fish. Let’s call him Bob the Fish.

Bob the Fish lives by himself in a small stream in the jungle, just below some tall trees.

Bob the Fish has lived his whole life in this small stream, watching the monkeys above him swing gracefully from branch to branch & tree to tree. He dreams of the day he can do the same.

One day, Bob the Fish tries to swim out of the stream to climb the trees, but quickly realizes he can’t breathe.

He then tries to jump out of the stream and into the trees, but soon figures out the trees are much too high.

Next, Bob the Fish tries to talk the monkeys into teaching him how to climb trees, but to no avail. The monkeys don’t speak fish.

Alas, Bob the Fish gave up on his life.

He wrote himself off as a worthless fish who will never be able to climb trees & swing from their branches.

One day while waiting for his life to pass him by, having long given up on himself for his inability to swing in the trees, a strong current came through the stream and ripped him away from his comfortable corner of the world. The current swept him far downstream, further than he’d ever been, eventually dumping him into an enormous lake at the bottom of the stream.

It took Bob the Fish a few moments to realize what had just happened. After shaking it off & gathering himself, Bob the Fish looked around in awe.

He was surrounded by thousands of other fish. Some big some small, some green some blue, some long some short. Some were playing. Some were traveling. Some were working. Some were raising their baby fish. Some were resting. Some were hiding. Some were eating. Thousands of fish, happily being fish.

As Bob the Fish darted off into the lake grinning gill to gill, putting the stream, trees & monkeys behind him, he thought to himself “This is what I am made for. I am home.”

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree, he will live his whole life believing he is stupid.”

Every single one of us has a unique set of gifts to offer the world.

We have talents. We have abilities. We have opinions. We have perspectives. We have ourselves.

But if we judge ourselves by our ability to be someone else, we will also live our lives believing we are stupid. We must leave the stream. We must forget the monkeys. We must forget the trees.

We are genius. We are Bob the Fish.

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