My Daily Toolkit

We all have habits, rituals, and tools we use each day – or most days – that we probably don’t give much thought to. Similar to the structural supports of a house hiding behind the walls, these habits and tools are the scaffolding and structure of our daily lives regardless of whether or not we […]

Our Work is Derivative

Our ego is deeply intertwined with our work. When we perform well our ego gets a boost, and when we don’t perform well our ego takes a hit. The reason this happens is that we oftentimes isolate the source our work – good or bad – to our own talent and ability. Our work in […]

The thing about advice…

Advice. It’s been given since the dawn of communication, and will continue be given as long as us humans are around. It’s the packaging of choice for encouragement, rebuke, and wisdom. It’s good, it’s bad, and it’s neutral. And it’s the thing that can lift us up, and thing that can hold us down. But […]

The Answer No One Wants to Hear

What workout program do you do? It’s a question I’m asked at least once a week – in the gym, at a social event, from a reader, from a friend – and what they’re really trying to ask is “How do you look the way you do?” I usually try to satisfy their question with […]

The Only Thing That Matters When Creating Your Best Self

Why don’t you have any food? This is a question I’m asked virtually every time someone is at my house. A quick peek in the fridge reveals some fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, and a jug of almond milk. A peek in the pantry reveals some rice, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, RXBARs, and baby […]