The human race gets a pretty bad rap these days. If an outsider were to watch one of our newscasts, they would think that our society is surely about to self implode. People murder in cold blood. People steal everything from cars to jewelry to futures. People make corrupt political deals behind the back of the American public. And that’s just from the opening segment.

Therein lies the problem. Our media driven culture is built in a way that focuses on the shock & awe of the world. The feel good side of society just doesn’t draw as many eyeballs to their programming. Ever wonder why anxiety is so rampant in America? We’ve been scared into believing the world is ending and we’re going down with it. I’d like to believe otherwise though. I’d like to think for every negative piece of news reported, there’s 100 more untold positive stories.

People murder love, care for & support those around them every single day.

People steal give countless time, money & energy to making life a tiny bit better for those less fortunate.

People are corrupt honest, hard working & unwilling to waiver on their integrity just to gain an extra inch in life.

People are selfish dropping everything they’re doing to go help a friend, family member or stranger in need.

People are lazy happy to work their ass off every single day if it means their family gets a meal & a roof over their head.

People don’t know what work ethic is want to make a ripple in the world in the little time we have on earth.

People just want handouts everyone to be given an opportunity on an even playing field.

People are dying from disease care for the sick & support their families through the darkest of days.

People are fat and out of shape everywhere are taking their first step toward a healthy lifestyle.

People are addicted to drugs, alcohol & pills using their own experiences to help others find the light at the end of the tunnel.

People are cheating on their spouses going the extra mile every day to make sure their spouse knows they are loved.

People are abandoning their children instilling beliefs in their children that they truly can change the world.

People are bad good.

We have the choice to buy into the death & destruction of the world, or to believe that humanity is thriving. We have the choice to look around us and find the good, not the bad. We have the chance to be the good, not the bad. We have the opportunity to be a part of the solution, not the problem. All we have to do is wake up every day and choose. Today I choose people. Because people are bad good.

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  1. Thank you for a very positive message. You’re absolutely right; for every negative on the news the world just keeps on throwing positives all around us. It just doesn’t make the nightly news. Well done!

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