Fingerprints are utterly unique to each of us.

They represent the entirety of our individuality in a tiny frame of just a few centimeters. No matter how many billions of us continue to be born, we somehow seem to all share characteristics while at the same time remaining our own individual selves. It’s one of the most fascinating parts of being human. Common colors, brushes, and canvases combined together to create billions of unique masterpieces. We share in the components but we differ in the final products. While this may not be news to us, fingerprints represent a great lens to view the pursuit of success through.

Success, like many things in life, follows an existing pattern that we find in nature. Much like we are all unique, yet similar, success is found through piecemeal components found in other successful people, yet combined in only a way that we as individuals could combine them. We utilize this trait combined with that skill combined with these habits. And what we end up with is our own fingerprint for our success that happens to share commonalities with millions of others that have found their own success.

What this means for us in a practical application is that there is no actual roadmap we can follow to achieve success in our own lives. Instead, we need to pursue many interests over our lifetime, build various skills and habits that fit our personality and natural tendencies, and combine them in a coherent fashion over time that creates our own work of art. Much like we can’t replicate the fingerprint of someone else on our own fingers, we also can’t replicate their path and expect the same degree of success. What worked for them worked because it aligned with their specific skills, traits, and makeup. The uniqueness of our own DNA requires that we also uniquely combine our habits, skills, and pursuits in a manner that suits us best.

It can be discouraging at first when we realize there truly is no single roadmap we can follow to find our own success. Instead our journey looks more like trying this road and then that road and then that random road on the other side of the map, learning as we go, eventually putting together a path that leads to our own unique version of success.

Success does not require some unattainably high degree of skill or intelligence. Success is found through curiosity. It’s found by those that scratch their own itch, continually learn, piece together the path as they go, and continually strive to be a little bit better today than they were yesterday. Through that curiosity and intention, we create our own masterpiece – our own fingerprint of success that only we could have done.

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