Watching The Game Film


It’s the 1st Monday of 2015. The New Year’s Eve parties are behind us. The New Year’s Day brunches have been eaten. The weekend has wrapped up. And now it’s Monday, January 5th, the first Monday of the next year of our lives. Last week, we talked about living 2015 within our three-foot world, and making the most of the things we have control over. I, like most of us reading this, sped so fast into this new year that I nearly forgot an entire year of life and lessons was ending. If we were a football team, it’d be the equivalent of preparing for next week’s game without ever watching this past week’s game film. We would be forgetting half of the equation.

I learned a lot in 2014. I had ups and downs with my business. My first son was born, and my first son passed away. I wrote a book that was really hard to write. I got to visit Paris, which I’ve wanted to visit since I was a little kid. I got to mentor founders of other startups. I succeeded some. I failed some. What’s crazy is that all of this was wrapped into one little year, and if I don’t take the time to reflect on everything that happened, I don’t give myself the opportunity to learn from it. I start preparing for the next football game without watching the game film from last week’s win or the week before’s loss. My guess is that your story is similar. You have a sh*tload to learn from your past year of living, both good and bad. Yet there’s a strong chance that you, like me, haven’t sat down and reflected long enough to learn from it. But that changes today for us.

Sometime in the next day or two, take 30 minutes or an hour and just sit. Sit on the couch. Lay on your bed. Lounge in the recliner. Find a spot where you can simply be still and reflect on the 365 days of life lessons that was gifted to you over the past year. We have the entire next year to sprint full speed ahead, making the most of each day. But before we start that sprint, let’s make sure we’re running in the right direction. Reflect on the goals you set for yourself this time last year. Reflect on the high points. Reflect on the low points. What are the biggest lessons learned? Have your goals changed? Have you changed? (That’s a rhetorical question). We might be firing on all cylinders right now, playing the game of life as well as we can play it. But the odds are we aren’t. The odds are we need to make some adjustments to get where we want to go. The odds are we have done some things well and we have done some things poorly, and we need to learn from them both.┬áThe odds are we need to watch some game film. That’s what I’ll be doing a lot of over the next day or two. I hope you’ll join me.