In this free session, we will focus on what’s going well, where you’re hoping to improve, and the habits surrounding all of it.


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adam griffin, chpc™

The bulk of my career has been spent as a founder, executive, and sales leader for technology companies. The stress, anxiety, burnout, late nights, bad habits, and poor coping mechanisms that crept up in my career are what ultimately led me back to the underlying principles of this coaching. I know the impact it can have because I’ve experienced it personally.

My coaching process and methodology are rooted in the science of high performance and centered around taking practical action. We will work together to identify the potential growth areas of your life, and use the power of habits and consistency to create tangible improvements in your life. Come prepared with an openness to change, a bias toward action, and an excitement for what’s to come.

I studied Leadership at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and am the author of Redwood: A Guide to Leading A Remarkable Life.

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Will Durant

The Sessions

Session 1 Baselines

Overview We’re going to dig into your goals. We’re going to talk about which areas of your life are going well, and which areas you’re hoping to improve. And we’re going to talk about the habits underlying all of it. You’ll leave the session with a better idea of where your baselines currently are across the major areas of your life.

Follow Up Work Focal Points + Baseline Assessment

Session 2 Quick Wins: Clarity

Overview So much of the tension in our lives derives from a lack of clarity – who we’re trying to become, what we’re trying to accomplish, where we’re headed. These are the things that we all innately desire to have clarity on, but rarely do. You will after this session.

Follow Up Work Clarity Chart

Session 3 Quick Wins: Energy

Overview Our energy is impacted by a number of things – our physical health, stress levels, and mindset to name a few. We’re going to work together to find quick wins for your energy, likely in the form of habits that will serve you on a daily basis.

Follow Up Work Energy Checklist

Session 4 Quick Wins: Courage

Overview Are there areas of your life where you know you could be stepping up more, but for whatever reason…haven’t? That gap between the now and the “could be” is filled with courage. Without it, we don’t move forward. And that’s what this session is about – identifying those areas and getting quick wins by stepping into that courage.

Follow Up Work Courage Checklist

Session 5 Quick Wins: Productivity

Overview Our productivity lives and dies by the systems we put in place to support it. In this session we will get clear on where you feel distracted, unproductive, or have competing interests. And we will put 2 simple systems in place to get quick wins for your productivity, giving much needed momentum in areas where you may feel stuck.

Follow Up Work 1-Page Productivity Planner + Forward Planner

Session 6 Quick Wins: Agency + Influence

Overview In this session we will dig into how much agency you feel you have over getting your ideas into the world, and how influence in conversations and relationships really works. Creating quick wins in your agency + influence, will help both you and others feel more understood in your personal and professional relationships.

Follow Up Work The Influence Model + 6 Week Check-In

Session 7 Mindset Fluency

Overview Building off of the quick wins in sessions 2 and 4, we’re going to dig into the mindset, thoughts, and habits that are both helping you and holding you back. We’ll get clear on your strengths, and living from those instead of your limitations. And we’ll identify the daily questions and habits you can use to center yourself on a mindset that empowers and accelerates every area of your life.

Follow Up Work Power of Questions + Control Your RWID

Session 8 Energy Fluency

Overview Everything in this session can be boiled down to vitality. Our work and our relationships rise up to the level of our energy. And that energy is influenced by our sleep, fitness, nutrition, and how we carry ourselves each day. This session helps you build a daily framework for making vitality your baseline.

Follow Up Work Energy Checklist

Session 9 Productivity Fluency

Overview When we don’t feel like we’re contributing at a high level, either in our work or other areas, we would likely describe it as feeling stuck. And thankfully there’s science behind feeling stuck. In this session we will assess an area you’re feeling stuck, and look at that area through 10 different lenses to figure out what is helping you or holding you back.

Follow Up Work Action Indicator Assessment

Session 10 Agency + Influence Fluency

Overview Great ideas often never get off the ground, not because of the merits of the idea but because the person behind the idea didn’t know how to articulate its’ value. And unfortunately the reverse is also true – a well articulated bad idea will beat a poorly articulated good idea every time. This session dives into how persuasion really happens, and apply that to an area of your life you feel you don’t have a lot of agency and influence over.

Follow Up Work Agency + Influence Planning

Session 11 Purpose

Overview In this session we’ll reflect on how your purpose has evolved over the previous 10 sessions, and we will boil your purpose down to a single statement for the path ahead. If that seems fluffy, I assure you it’s as practical as can be. Defining my purpose was the filter that helped me make the most challenging decisions of my career. They can be used as a signal in our daily lives, and as a guide when we feel lost in a decision.

Follow Up Work Defining and Leading Our Purpose

Session 12 Commitment

Overview In this session we will look at the progress you’ve made in the 6 key areas of high performance, and look ahead to the habits and systems you’re committed to moving forward.

Follow Up Work Pillars of High Performance